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Dorner Conveyor

Dorner AquaGard 7350 Series Specifications:

  • All Welded Stainless Steel Frame
  • Straight Flat and Cleated Modular Plastic Belt
  • Curved Flat Plastic Modular Belt at 45, 90, 135 & 180 degrees
  • Conveyor Widths: 4" to 26" (102mm to 914mm) in 2" increments
  • Conveyor Lengths: 36" to 83' (914mm to 25.4m) in 1" increments
  • Loads up to 20lbs/per square foot of belt
  • Speeds up to 260 ft/min (78.6 meters/min)

Maximum Flexibility

  • Straights & Curve Modules
  • 3 Product Transfers to Choose From
  • No Drilling Required for Ease of Automation of Guiding
  • Attach controls, photo eyes, low voltage wire & air tubing
  • Attach accessory bar for mounting several automation components
  • Attached any of standard guide packages to fit conveyor

Increase Throughput

  • Speeds up to 260 feet per minute
  • Available in Straights and Curves
  • 1" Nose Bar Tails
  • Powered Transfer

Reduce Product Loss

  • 1" Nose Bar Tails for small part transfer
  • Powered Transfer for maintaining speeds through transfer
  • Roller transfer plate for smooth product transfer in minimal added length

Standard Product

  • Dorner 7350 is a standard product that is pre-engineered
  • Dorner 7350 can be quoted in minutes
  • Dorner 7350 is a standard product that ships fast


Dorner Conveyor 7350 series



Dorner Conveyor- Dorner AquaGard 7350 Series Standard Options:
Dorner Conveyor 7350 Dorner conveyor 7350

TIG Welded Stainless Steel Solid
UHMW Bed Open Frame Design

Curves: 45, 90, 135 & 180

Dorner conveyor 7350

Dorner conveyor 7350

1 Inch Nose Bar Drive

Patented Sprocket Alignment Key

Dorner conveyor 7350

Dorner conveyor 7350

1 Inch Nose Bar Tail Powered Transfer

Dorner conveyor 7350

Dorner conveyor 7350

Roller Transfer Plate

Formed Angle TIG Welded Stand

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