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Dorner DustPruf - Pharmaceutical and Medical Conveying

Clean Room Conveyors for Medical & Pharmaceutical Packaging & Production

If you have a need for hygienic conveying, the DustPruf™ series clean room conveyors may be just the solution you need for your medical and pharmaceutical packaging conveyor needs. Designed to stop unsanitary build up of dust, debris, and particulate material in areas you prefer remain sterile, our new dust proof design is perfect for cleaning up your packaging and production line. Whether you fall into the medical, pharmaceutical or health and beauty aid packaging industry, the DustPruf system can increase efficiency and hygienic design of your production line.

When dusty, dingy machinery and equipment just won’t cut it, DustPruf is the answer. Our SmartSlot™ technology creates a smooth profile in the frame of the conveyor system, virtually eliminating dust and particulate build up. Providing all the integration flexibility of a T-slot without the drawback of collecting dust and product debris, your production line can increase efficiency and effectiveness.

Clean Room Conveyor Solutions for HBA, Medical Device & Pharmaceutical Packaging

Our goal is to help your company become more profitable by providing complete conveying solutions and controls to automate and increase efficiency of your processes. The DustPruf Series can be used in a number of industries and for various applications, such as:

Pharmaceutical Conveying Applications

  • Vitamin and pill counting, filling, packing, etc.
  • Integrated pharmaceutical packaging
  • Pharma products
  • Nutraceutical products

Medical Conveying Applications

  • Medical devices, supplies, materials and products
  • Medical packaging
  • Medicinal aids

Health & Beauty Aid Applications

  • Make up conveying
  • Soap conveyors
  • Hygiene products
  • Toothpaste conveyors
  • Health products and goods

Our conveying machines can be integrated into systems for:

  • Packing
  • Counting
  • Filling
  • Packaging
  • Labeling
  • And more…

Which DustPruf Series Fits Your HBA, Medical & Pharmaceutical Clean Room Conveyor Needs?

The 2300 Series: designed for small part handling and conveying, the 2300 Series is 20% more efficient with 20% more load capacity – which lowers energy consumption. Coupled with a 100% recyclable aluminum frame and low-friction coating on the bedplate, this conveyor is more than just green – it’s clean and efficient too!

The 5300 Series: designed for flexible modular design that allows it to be as flexible as your conveying needs. This series includes straights, curves and inclines for easy reconfiguration to create combinations that reduce the number of product transfers and motors required. Built with the same 100% recyclable aluminum frame as the 2300 Series; this conveyor is green, clean AND incredibly flexible!

To meet your application requirements, these clean room conveyors are available in both belt and plastic chain.

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