24/7 Service and Support 800 957 9863

Service and Support

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24/7 Service and Support 800-957-9863
Automation, Mechanical, Controls, and Software Specialists 

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Around the clock support is available for all our customers, and is included with different service agreements. One of our highly experienced technicians is always on-call to answer questions, and provide support. Whether you need simple troubleshooting by phone, or if you need an emergency service call we are available to assist you. Mechanical or controls related breakdowns can, and will happen without any warning. We are here to help you not only limit down time but also help you out of a down situation when it occurs.  

Emergency Service, Planned Maintenance, and Facility Appointed Support

  • 24/7 Mechanical Service- Technicians on-call
  • 24/7 Technical Support- Call us if you need help
  • Planned Maintenance- Mechanical and Electrical
  • Wellness checks- Inspections to limit breakdowns
  • Facility Appointed Service Technician- On-site Technician dedicated to your facility
  • Maintenance Agreements- Priority response and service, price discounts

PLC, Devices, CPU, Software, and On-site Support

  • Support by Phone for device, CPU and software troubleshooting
  • Remote connect services
  • System monitoring of alarms, uptime, & issues
  • Software Support where available
  • On-site Support  – Engineers on-call around the clock
  • Electrical, and controls PM
  • Maintenance Agreements



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