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Conveyors are the backbone of any cargo handling system. Our cargo products are built to meet customers’ exacting specifications and offer lasting performance. Conveyor Solutions services are performed by highly experienced, customer-focused engineers and technicians that leverage world-class training, techniques and technologies. 


Ball transfer decks can support heavy cargo container loads.  Cargo can easily be moved manually.


The cargo system includes a pallet of metal sandwich construction specifically designed for palletizing and transporting air cargo on roller type conveyors in the terminal, restraint rails and roller conveyors in the aircraft and cargo loading and unloading vehicles. It is equipped with a locking arrangement for locking the pallet into the aircraft rail system for restraint during flight and tie-down rings to secure the NET, CARGO TIE-DOWN, AIRCRAFT PALLET. An empty cargo pallet weighs 290 pounds and 355 pounds with nets.The U.S. Air Force devised a cargo handling system that reduces aircraft ground time, loads aircraft more fully, and eases the ground handling of cargo. Combining vehicles, pallets, rollers, and rails within the aircraft, can reduce ground time by as much as 75 percent. The dual-rail system is installed in all airlift or military aircraft. This system consists of rows of rollers that allow the palletized cargo to easily move into the aircraft. Many of these rollers are stowable to convert the cargo deck to a flat, clear loading surface for wheeled cargo. The side rails guide the pallets into the aircraft and provide lateral and vertical restraint. These rails are equipped with detent locks that hold the pallet securely in place once inside the aircraft. These locks also prevent the forward and aft movement of pallets during flight. 

Customer Benefits

  • Full service and support from a one-stop source for all cargo needs allow you to consolidate your vendor base and still meet all operational requirements.
  • Best-value solutions and faster turnaround times with the quality and reliability our customers have come to expect lower overall life cycle costs for cargo systems.
  • In-house capabilities support customers’ just-in-time initiatives, reducing program development time and speeding project completion.
  • We know the industry and have extensive experience in commercial and military airframes, 463L pallet systems, meeting or exceeding our customers’ most-demanding expectations and timetables.
  • We offer unmatched reliability of components in tough environments and ensure certification support through delivery and product introduction.
  • We designed all air freight handling conveyor systems to optimize weight to performance characteristics.

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