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Pharmaceutical Solutions

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The Sortation Solution for High-Speed Applications

  Hytrol’s ProSort 400 Elite family of sorters is specifically designed to handle high-speed applications. The ProSort 421 is designed to sort products at a 22-degree angle where high speeds are required. With the ProSort 421, speeds of 700 FPM are possible. The ProSort 431 is designed to sort products at a 30-degree angle where […]

The Ideal Heavy Duty Handling Solution

  Poly-V Belt Driven Conveyors Are Ideal For Heavy Duty Handling Hytrol’s Poly-V belt driven conveyors are an alternative to chain rollers providing an efficient, quiet and maintenance free operation. The unique polyurethane v-belts used to drive the rollers prevent jumping and reduce noise by absorbing shock and vibrations. The Poly-V series of conveyors is […]

New and Improved E24i Motor

Seven years after rolling out its 24-volt roller motor conveying systems, Hytrol has made a significant upgrade to the motor itself. Dubbed the E24i™, the new motor integrates the E24™ motor and card into one unit. The original E24™ provided users with better heat dissipation and longer motor life span. The E24i™ goes a step […]

Conveyor Solutions Receives Prestigious MVP Award

Our customers, employees and suppliers have consistently been our most valued accomplishment. So we are excited to announce that Conveyor Solutions, Inc. has been awarded the 2015 MVP (Most Valuable Partner) Status from MHEDA (Material Handling Equipment Distributors Association). To be among the less than 5% of the association’s membership earning the distinguished award, Conveyor Solutions, Inc. successfully demonstrated […]

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